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End of the Synaxis of the Abbots of the Metropolitanate of Muntenia and Dobrudgea
Patriarch of Romania Present at the Reception Organised by the Presidential Administration on Europe’s Day
The Life Giving Spring of the Mother of God celebrated at Ghighiu Monastery
Patronal feast of the Chapel of the National Cathedral
Patriarch of Romania during Agape Vespers: “Divine Peace is the harmony built in the human soul by the Holy Spirit”
Patriarch of Romania: “Christ’s Resurrection is the sign of the victory of His humble love upon sin”
Patriarch of Romania: “The Holy Fire is the peaceful and joyful gift granted by Jesus Christ to the clergy and the faithful as a proof of His love”
Romanian Patriarch: “The Lamentations are an expectation of Christ’s Resurrection and a state of vigilance”
Patriarch of Romania: “Eucharist is the source of love which is stronger than death”
Palm Sunday at the Romanian Patriarchate
Patriarch of Romania: “Pilgrimage is a prediction and witness of Christ’s victory upon death”
President of Ukraine visits the Romanian Patriarchate
Spanish Minister of Justice visits the Romanian Patriarchate
Relics of Saint Nectarios will be venerated at Izbuc Monastery, Bihor county
The Patriarch of Romania: „The Grace of God changes the Sinful Man”
Patriarchal Blessing for 27 students from Timişoara
Academic Honorary Degree of the Polytechnic University to Patriarch Daniel
The Patriarch of Romania Celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Cernica Monastery
The Patriarch of Romania participates in the celebrations marking the 150th anniversary of the Romanian Academy
Patriarch of Romania: „Christ, Our Saviour Changes Our Cross into a Ladder to Resurrection”
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