Fraternal Communion in the Romanian Diaspora
Celebration of 40 Years of Romanian Orthodox Service in Bavaria
The Peace of God Conveyed to People - Pastoral Letter - Christmas 2015
Contemporary Occultism is a Confused Reaction to a Spiritual Crisis
130th Anniversary of Autocephaly of the Romanian Orthodox Church
Congratulatory message addressed to HB Patriarch Neophyte of Bulgaria on his 70th birthday anniversary
A new window towards the Kingdom of Heaven
Intellectual information and spiritual formation in the moral and religious education of children and youth
Cooperation between Family, School and Church in the Field of Education
Patience and endurance are signs of wisdom and sacrificial love
A broader communication for a more dynamic mission
The Joy of Continuity in Faith and of Communion in Christ
Irenical letter at the feast of the Resurrection of the Lord
Congratulatory message addressed to His Holiness Bartholomaios, Ecumenical Patriarch, on the occasion of the anniversary of the name day
Message of condolences addressed to His Holiness TAWADROS II, Pope and Patriarch of the Coptic Church
Ein Freund der Orthodoxie und ein Diener der christlichen Einheit
Irenical letter on the Feast of the Nativity of the Lord
The Faithful Pilgrims Experience the Merciful Love of God and of the Saints in Their Life
The Path of the Cross – The Path of the Saints
Holy Confession and Holy Eucharist – Sources of joy and eternal life
Photo events
Solemn year - 2022