The seat of the Patristic Commission (Secretariat Office) and of the Department of Patristic Books is at Antim Monastery (in the building housing the Library of the Holy Synod, where the Holy Office seat used to be).


The Department of patristic books of the publishing house of the Romanian Patriarchate (the address of the Patristic Commission is the same)


Antim Monastery, 29 Mitropolit Antim ivireanu St., sectror 4, code 040111


Editor in chief: hieromonk Dr Policarp Pirvuloiu (


Secretary: Mircea Adrian Baiculescu


Editor: Florin Filimon


e-mails: – official address (files up to 8 mb) (to be used only for sending files bigger than 8 mb)


personal telephone numbers (the first contact is by email) or fix phone: +40213352548

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Solemn year - 2023