New kindergarten in honour of Bishop Gurie Georgiu to open this autumn in Deva
Works are nearing completion in the Diocese of Deva on a project started by Bishop Gurie of blessed memory. A modern kindergarten with a capacity of 80 places will bear the name of the first bishop of... Read more >>
Our neighbour’s image as icon of Christ: 4 million € in refugee support from the Romanian Orthodox Church
On the Sunday of Orthodoxy, Vasile Bănescu, the Romanian Patriarchate’s spokesperson, was invited to the Spiritual Reality show, broadcast by the Romanian Realitatea TV channel. The topic of th... Read more >>
Bucharest Archdiocese is raising funds, offering free housing for Ukrainian refugees
The Archdiocese of Bucharest has started a fundraiser that will go on until March 10 to support Ukrainian refugees and provide housing for 300 people.  “These funds will be used for faster inte... Read more >>
Romanian hierarchs visit fleeing Ukrainians at Romania border, refugee camps: Photos
Most Romanian dioceses carry out significant humanitarian action for Ukrainian refugees. In addition to coordinating activities, some Romanian hierarchs went personally to checkpoints or refugee camps... Read more >>
Suceava Archdiocese sends 30 tons of food aid to Ukraine
Around 30 tons of food aid and products of necessity arrived in Ukraine on Tuesday as part of Suceava Archdiocese’s assistance to help the victims affected by war. The help was possible thanks to th... Read more >>
Romanian Patriarchate sends truck-load of food, essential products for Ukrainian refugees in Chisinau
At the request of “Diaconia” Social Mission of the Metropolis of Bessarabia, the Romanian Patriarchate sent a truck-load of food and products of primary necessity for Ukrainian refugees in... Read more >>
“You are not alone!”: Metropolis of Moldavia offers free medical services to Ukrainian refugees
“You are not alone!” the representatives of the Providența medical establishments of the Metropolis of Moldavia and Bukovina told the Ukrainian refugees in a message. The Providența Polyclinic, ... Read more >>
Maramureș Bishop Justin urges clergy to host Ukrainian refugees
Bishop Justin of Maramureș and Sătmar has urged the clergy to host and help the Ukrainian refugees in his diocese. “We empower the priests on the border with Ukraine in the Sighet area, and not on... Read more >>
In pictures: Suceava Archdiocese offers help to Ukrainian refugees
The Archdiocese of Suceava and Radauti announced on Friday night the measures taken to support refugees from Ukraine. The archdiocese’s photographer, Irina Ursachi, accompanied priests and volun... Read more >>
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