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Patriarch of Romania consecrated the Church of the „Birth of the Mother of God” of Otopeni

Saturday, 10 September 2016, the Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church consecrated the church of the Birth of the Mother of God of Otopeni. His Grace Timotei Prahoveanul, Assistant Bishop to the Archdiocese of Bucharest concelebrated together with the Patriarch of Romania.


After the consecration service, His Beatitude gave the place of worship the second saint patron, namelySaint Hierarch Calinic from Cernica.

The Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church spoke in the sermon delivered about the importance of the consecration of a church which is a gate to Heaven.

This church is a great blessing, because the consecration of a church means opening a new gate of Heaven. The consecration of a church is blessing for the respective parish, as well as for the entire zone. It is hard work, but after consecration we are glad we did something that will last more than our life, something that remains after us and beyond us. This is why the founders are remembered in the Orthodox Church as the “blessed and always remembered founders”. They will be remembered even when they have none of their relatives, because they will be remembered here at all the religious services celebrated in this church. It is a great blessing to be a church founder and to have contributed to its construction and painting, His Beatitude said.

The Church cannot be replaced with anything in this world,the Patriarch of Romania explained,because no institution can give the remission of sins and eternal life.

Through consecration, the church becomes the gift of the Holy Trinity for humans. We have brought things from the earth here: stone, concrete, bricks, or wood, things of this world as gifts offered to God in the form of the church. We shall receive eternal gifts of God instead: remission of the sins, joy of the eternal life and foretaste of the Kingdom of Heaven. We have brought temporary gifts and received eternal gifts. We have brought earthly gifts and received heavenly gifts. Thus, we see how we are rewarded. God is never in debt. The Church cannot be replaced with anything in this world because no institution can give the remission of sins and eternal life. In no other institution can we meet the Holy Trinity every Sunday and feast.

Then, the Mayor of Otopeni city, Silviu Constantin Gheorghe, awarded His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel the title ofCitizen of Honour of Otopeni City, and affirmed that a free society cannot develop outside the Church.

I think that a free and healthy society cannot develop outside the Church and the relationship of communion, communication and witness which characterises man’s rapprochement to God. I am sure that this Holy Church will help us defend our culture and moral values and that it will give us the serenity that only the faith in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit can prove. Otopeni city was, is, and will always be a land of love for Church and God.

Then, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel thanked for the title awarded and for the support granted to the parishes of Otopeni.

Thank you very much, Mr Mayor, for distinctions and gifts. We congratulate you for all the activity you unfold, as well as for the fact that you helped the parishes in the area and developed a lot of social, cultural, and philanthropic initiatives which prove living faith and conscience in the service of the citizens.

The Primate of the Romanian Orthodox Church offered several distinctions to the persons who helped with the work done.

In the end, Patriarch Daniel transmitted a blessing message on the occasion of the beginning of the new school year.

Soon, the new school year begins and we address a blessing and appreciation message to all pupils, parents, professors, teachers, men and women, who help them grow intellectually and spiritually. May they be good sons of the Church and good citizens of the earthly homeland and future citizens of the heavenly homeland together with the saints! Christian education is on medium term till the children grow up, on long term all the lifelong on the earth, and on eternal term in the eternal life. The well educated children have become saints. Thank you for your presence and we wish that Good God should bless you, your families, and activities, and give you many happy years of life.

Many faithful and representatives of the local authorities attended the event.

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