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The Patriarch of Romania Celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Cernica Monastery

Today, thousands of faithful were present at Cernica Monastery attending the Divine Liturgy celebrated in “Saint Great Martyr George” church, by His Beatitude Daniel, Patriarch of the Romanian Orthodox Church.



On 10 April 2016, the 4thSunday of Lent, also called Sunday ofSaint Pious John Climacus, His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel celebrated the Divine Liturgy at Cernica Monastery, county of Ilfov. On this day, the large number of faithful present over there had the joy to pray to the relics of Saint Hierarch Calinic, whose shrine was laid under a canopy specially arranged in front of “Saint Great Martyr George” church, in the precincts of the monastery.

“When the faith of the people diminishes, the bad spirits become powerful over humans, make them grumble, rebel, and utter blaspheme against God. But when a human being is religious, any trial, sufferance or trouble can only bring him/her closer to God. Whoever has no strong faith rebels, but whoever has strong faith repents and prays for the help of God even more as He is the only source of forgiving the sins and healing the soul and body”, the Patriarch of Romania said in his sermon.

Christ heals humans of doubt, disease and spiritual ignorance

Today’s Gospel text shows faithas avivid relationship of man with God, which must be cultivated and strengthened.

“This wonder of healing the son with a bad spirit by Christ, our Lord, shows us, on one hand, the Saviour scolding the father for his weak faith and, on the other hand, His mercy on the man who suffers. Jesus Christ, our Saviour, appreciates the strong faith and, wherever it does not exist He asks to be cultivated and strengthened. Faith is our relationship with God, not simple cultural or intellectual information. It is not simple conviction that God exists somewhere in heaven, but a discussion with God in prayer and fulfilment of His will in good deeds. This is why faith, as vivid relationship between human beings and God must be cultivated”, His Beatitude has also said.

This Sunday urges us to feed our soul with the presence of God in grace, stemmed from prayer, lecture of the Holy Scriptures, communion with the Holy Sacraments and doing good deeds, the Patriarch of Romania showed.

Located only 12 km far in the East of Bucharest, the monastic settlement sprawls on two islands of Cernica Lake. Founded by great boyar Cernica Ştirbei and his wife, Lady Chiajna, Cernica Monastery is documentary attested in 1608, in the princely charter issued by Prince Radu Şerban.


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