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Homage Paid to Queen Ana of Romania
Patriarch of Romania: the Two Blind Men of Capernaum Become Teachers of Gratitude for Us
Feast of the Transfiguration of the Lord at the Romanian Patriarchate. Patriarch Daniel: This Feast Shows us that Man Is Not Made for Grave but for Eternal Life
Patriarch of Romania: „Faith of the Merciful Help the Sick”
Day of the National Anthem: Patriarch of Romania Urges to Keep and Promote the National Symbols
Patriarch Of Romania: „Church Does Not Separate Medical Science From The Healing Spiritual Science”
Patriarch of Romania: „Kindness of Christ liberates Humans from the Demons’ Malice”
Patriarch Of Romania: „The Merciful And Healing Love Of Christ Revives Strong Faith in Pagans”
Solemn Commemoration Service Five Years Since The Passing Away Of Father Arsenie Papacioc
Patriarch Daniel: The Spiritualised Human Being Is The Only Free Person Because He Is Not Enslaved By The Obsession For Material Things
Patriarch Of Romania: „The Young People Are The Active And Creative Present Of The Church”
Patriarch Of Romania: „The Romanian People Were Formed And Christianized Slowly But Profoundly”
Patriarch Daniel: „The Missionary Work Of Saints Peter And Paul The Apostles Is A Model For All The Christians Who Witness The Love Of God For Us”
Graduation Festivity of the Students of the Faculty of Orthodox Theology of Bucharest
Synodality Manifested at Sacramental Level. Orthodox Primates Concelebrated at the End of the Holy and Great Council
Closing session of the Holy and Great Council. Ecumenical Patriarch: “Together we wrote history!”
The Orthodox Primates, Honorary Members of the Academy of Crete
The works of the Synaxis of the Primates have begun. The Message of the Holy and Great Council will be addressed today
Patriarch Daniel: „True Faith Is Not Preserved In Isolation, But In Communion Of Thought, Confession And Living With The Entire Church
Iconom Stavrofor Blessing Service at the Historical Chapel of the Patriarchal Residence
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